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Welcome to my website and to my counselling


I offer my online counselling, socio-therapy and coaching to any English speaking person who might contact me from Germany, Sweden or elsewhere.

Since I do not yet speak enough Swedish I invite my clients from Sweden to contact me in English. I hope that I can offer Swedish counselling end of next year...


Feel free to claim my service, if you need advice about  problems concerning your life,

yourself as a person /woman / mother,  your relationships or quarrels in your family...

We can talk about questions of life style, profession and education, body and beauty,

about sexuality or violence, fears and hopes  - whatever: you are welcome !


Together we can find ways out of trouble or crisis and discover new solutions to deep problems and minor questions.


Please notice: My counselling, coaching and socio-therapy

is not a psychotherapy or psychiatric treatment. 


I am just now - in September 2021 -  starting to expand this homepage and add further information in English.

But anyways we might already start our meetings -  you can contact me under 

"Contact" on this Website.

Just send me an email to make an appointment for our first meeting on Skype. 


See you soon!  Vi ses!